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The ILLZ – Dark Side Of The Room [Music Video]

The ILLZ and director Kris Rey-Talley do it again as they drop off the official visuals to one of my favorite tracks off of The Pursuit LP.

Chapter 2 takes a much darker tone. It is the nightmare, the beginning of the decent into madness. The ILLZ finds himself in a rotting facade of a house; the house he shared with her. Trapped in it, unable to escape, this is him coming to terms with her and how she changed. They have grown apart, and as he searches for her, he finds little mementos, and her revelation signals that what she became is not whom he had initially fallen in love with. But his desire to be with her is unwavering, and he will destroy anything in his way to get to her, to have her by his side.

The ILLZ – In Between Us (Remix) [Music Video]

Can’t tell you how excited I am that this project, Let It Fall, between director Kristopher Rey Talley and The ILLZ has finally started. “Chapter 1: Things Fall Apart” is the first segment of the Let It Fall video series and it begins with a video to The ILLZ’ song “In Between Us (Remix).” Here is what they had to say about the video:

Chapter 1 follows a couple as their relationship has reached it’s breaking point. Inundated by jealousy, anger, and resentment, what starts off as trip to the ocean to try and rekindle a spark instead leads to a violent fight. Reality is harsh, gritty and painful. This is all juxtaposed against the subconscious, which is represented by the tunnel. Here the couple is alone, on a journey. Things are good, things are bad, but they are together. This represents the internal struggle of the two.

A really well done video that captures the intensity of the song and lyrics. Be on the look out for Chapter 2: What Else Is There?


The ILLZ – Illzsential [Mixtape]

With the help of DJBooth, Jersey’s own The ILLZ drops Illzsential, featuring the best tracks of his young career. If you’ve been wanting to find out what The ILLZ is all about, it’s definitely worth a download, and check out itstheBino’s exclusive interview right here.

The ILLZ – In Between Us [Music Video]

Great video from The ILLZ and Hot Mop Films. The official video to “In Between Us”  is Hot Mop Films’ prologue to The ILLZ’ and Kristopher Rey Talley’s upcoming video project “Let It Fall,” which will be  starting next month. This is a pretty raw video portraying a relationship that has reached its breaking point. While there are scenes portraying domestic violence The ILLZ has maintained that he is strongly against it and had the following to say about the video:

For the record we are extremely against domestic violence. Glad to be shedding light on that issue with this video. We’re strongly against it and hope that it can inspire people dealing with domestic violence to break free from it.


The ILLZ – The Pursuit (ILL Tal Remix)

The homie The ILLZ gives us the second bonus remix track off of the upcoming ILLZSENTIAL: The Essential ILLZ Collection, which drops July 6, 2011. It’s The ILLZ bitch.

The ILLZ – In Between Us (Remix)

This month The ILLZ and Kristopher Rey-Talley will be releasing a four part story entitled, Let It Fall, based around The ILLZ full length release, The Pursuit LP. If you don’t know who is The ILLZ is, I suggest you get familiar. He’s by far one of my favorites artists right now and his mixtapes are some of the most cosistent bodies of work I’ve heard in a while. Head to our mixtapes page to download The Pursuit LP and The Inbetween Video Series.

The ILLZ – ILLYTAL (Portishead Remix) [Music Video]

Kris Rey-Talley is at it again with this innovative video for one of my favorite artists, The ILLZ. Make sure you pick up his mixtapes on our mixtapes page and check out itstheBino’s interview with The ILLZ.

The ILLZ – November Sky [Unofficial Video]

A couple weeks ago DNR Films dropped this unofficial video titled “Innovation” to The ILLZ’s track “November Sky.” This song was on The ILLZ’s latest album :03 From Gold which you can download along with his other albums straight from his website. Be sure to check out the itstheBino exclusive interview with Hudson County’s pride and joy, The ILLZ here.

The ILLZ – The Gold: Episode 4

The ILLZ performs “Cover Me (I’m Going In)” produced by ILL Tal at Santos NYC.

itstheBino Interview: The ILLZ

Every generation has a few artists who never receive the critical acclaim they deserve. Their work generally goes unnoticed by mainstream media but their following, albeit small, is cult like. The ILLZ is one of those artists. It may be premature to call The ILLZ underrated. His career is just beginning. After releasing The Pursuit and In Between Video Series, The ILLZ’s stock is rising. To say I’m a fan of The ILLZ is an understatement. It was a humbling experience to meet up with him in his home state of New Jersey. He discuses how he got his name, his fans, producing, the state of the music industry and more.

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