In Your Ear: Chance The Rapper

We chopped it up with Chicago musician Chance The Rapper and asked him what he’s currently listening to on his Zune. Take a listen below and grab some extra songs for your weekend playlist. Chance gets a pass for his brevity. It was the tail end of his NYC visit and he had been going hard for four days straight. Acid may or may not have been involved.

Drake – Started From The Bottom

Sharted………….sharted………..sharted from the bottom.

Kendrick Lamar – The Jig Is Up (Dumpin)

The vocal mixes on most Kendrick records usually intrigue me, but specifically the panning on the gun sound that he be making with his mouth. Really portrayed the scene he was trying to paint well. Ya smell me.

Eminem – As The World Turns

I’ve been finishing up this Acid Rap tape, and I’ve been listening to a lot of mid 90s acid rap influenced wrists. Eminem has a lot of influence from Esham, who created acid rap. “As The World Tunrs” has just always been a favorite of mine.

Jay-Z – So Ambitious

Just a very dope record to me. Not much more I can really say.

Chief Keef – Citgo






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