T.I. and DJ Drama: Fuck a Mixtape

1. Jamie Foxx – Intro
2. Welcome Back To The Trap (Produced by Smash Factory)
3. Spazz Out (Produced by Swizz Beatz)
4. Whatcha Saying Tip (Produced by Chuck Diesel)
5. Yeah feat. Lil Wayne (Produced by Lil C)
Yeah Ya Know (Produced by DJ Toomp & Lil C)
7. Once Upon A Time
8. Here We Go Again (Produced by Timbaland)
9. Get Yo Girl feat. Rich Kid Rashad (Produced by Jim Jonsin)
10. Like So (Produced by Lil C)
11. Gettin Paid (Produced by Track Slayers)
12. Lil Duval – Fuck A Mixtape Nigga!
13. Really Livin Like That (Produced by DJ Toomp)
14. Whether You Like It Or Not (Produced by Amadeus)
15. Jamie Foxx – Shooting Range
16. No Competition feat. Young Jeezy (Produced by Black Mob)
17. Bitch Who feat. Macboney (Produced by Lil C)
18. Ready Set Go feat. Killer Mike (Produced by No I.D.)
19. Kevin Hart – Fuck A Mixtape
20. Celebration (Produced by J-Rock)
21. Got Your Back (Feat. Keri Hilson)

Lil Wayne – Da Da Da Music Video

Visual to a track off of Rebirth.

Bun B – Just Like That (Feat. Young Jeezy)

Track off of Bun B’s next album, Trill OG, dropping August 3rd.

VH1 Storytellers

Beginning in the mid-90s, Storytellers (think MTV Unplugged) has given fans unique live performances. Recently, artists such as Kanye West, Coldplay, John Mayer, Jay-Z, Foo Fighters, and Christina Aguilera, have performed live sets for a small live audience, prefacing each song with a story. While most of the premiere episodes of Storytellers air on VH1 first, they are best viewed on the high definition music channel, Palladia. I highly recommend you figure out what channel Palladia is on your local cable provider, and watch it, repeatedly. Below are a few clips from past episodes.

Rick Ross – Money Maker Music Video

Visual to track off of The Albert Anastasia EP (located below).

Rick Ross – The Albert Anastasia EP

Ricky dropped the prelude to The Teflon Don this morning, enjoy.

The Black Keys – Tighten Up Music Video

Here’s the visual to The Black Keys first single off of Brothers.
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